Opportunities in Recruitment


In today’s competitive business climate, In recruiting at Marathon Search Partners a corporation depends on its talented workforce.  Companies understand that building a skilled staff takes time and know-how.  They turn to recruiters – professionals with expertise and capability to help them find quality personnel.

  • An Expanding, Billion Dollar Industry
  • A Rewarding Career
  • Why Marathon Search Partners
  • What is the Earnings Potential
  • The next Step

An Expanding, Billion Dollar Industry

For close to 100 years, recruiters have provided a valuable and necessary service to the American business community. With more than 1200 firms operating nationwide, recruitment is a billion dollar industry.  As a major business segment, recruiting offers individuals a satisfying career—assisting both client companies and individuals in getting what they need.


A Rewarding Career

Recruiting is a challenging and gratifying career.  While a successful recruiters earnings can be significant, there is also great pleasure to be found in searching for an outstanding professional, and placing him or her in an exciting position.  An accomplished recruiter is a special person, someone who possesses business sense and a keen understanding of human nature.  Recruiters consistently speak with a wide range of decision makers and professionals.  Each day brings new challenges: discovering the exact recruitment needs of client companies, finding and recruiting the professional men and women to fill these jobs.


Why Marathon Search Partners?

MSP, a leader and innovator in the recruitment industry since 1986, has been providing thousands of talented people to companies nationwide.:

You will be instructed in technology and technique, time management and how to develop a strong client relationship and candidate base. Consultants who possess self-motivation, communication skills, organization skills, intelligence, a good work ethic and an openness to learning, usually flourish.

What is the Earnings Potential?

Since recruiting is a commission based profession, there is no limit to your potential income. Your talent and hard work will make all the difference.


The Next Step

Perhaps Marathon Search Partners has the right opportunity for you.  Experience in executive recruiting is not necessary. We will teach you the proven, time-tested techniques necessary for success. If you are the kind of person who wants control of your future and your income.  Take the next step, contact us directly by clicking on

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